• Abstracts must be submitted by the deadline of 23:59 CET on April 10th, 2021.
  • Abstracts must be submitted using the abstract platform, alongside the conflict of interest form.
  • No references, tables or graphics should be included in the abstract.
  • The submitting author of an abstract is requested to declare any potential conflicts of interest for all authors (Conflict of interest form).
  • Abstracts must be submitted and presented in English.
  • Modification of abstracts will not be possible later than the abstract submission deadline.
  • Please specify 2 of the following keywords on the abstract form:
    • Macronutrients
    • Micronutrients
    • Phytochemicals
    • Lifestyle
    • Food
    • Dietary patterns
    • Personalized nutrition
    • Omics
    • Genetic/epigenetic tags
  • Before you begin, please prepare the following information:
    • Presenting author’s contact details
    • Email address
    • Full postal address
    • Author and co-authors’ details
    • Affiliation details: department, institution, city and state
    • Conflict of interest
    • Abstract title – limited to 25 words
    • Abstract text – limited to 350 words
    • Abstracts should clearly state:
       Introduction
       Objectives
       Methods
       Results
       Conclusions
       Fundings
       Keywords

Reviewing & Acceptance

All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the reviewing committee of which you will be notified at the beginning of May by e-mail. Based on the decision of this committee, abstracts will be presented during the conference either in the oral sessions or in the poster sessions.

Author Registration

  • Only DNSG2021 registered attendants can submit an abstract. If you haven't registered yet please register online first by clicking here, it only takes a few minutes.
  • Cancellations of the registration because of non-acceptance of the submitted abstract will be refunded 75%.

Please note that only abstracts that have been submitted properly will be considered for the Symposium.



The Scientific Committee will grant 3 awards to the 3 best abstracts: 2 Young Investigator Awards and 1 Award to the Best ePoster.
Each Award consists of 500€ and the prize will be awarded to the winners during the 39th International Symposium on Diabetes and Nutrition, to be held on June 16-19, 2022 in Athens, Greece.

Awards winners


Young Investigator Award to the best Oral Communications

Kim Maasen

Habitual intake of dietary methylglyoxal is associated with less low-grade inflammation, but also with impaired retinal microvascular function: The Maastricht Study.


María Fernández de la Puente Cervera

Telomere length and DNA oxidation modulation beyond Mediterranean diet: Results from the PREDIMED-Plus study.


Young Investigator Award to the best ePoster

Michael Fridén

Associations between serum fatty acid composition, liver fat content, and energy metabolism: a population-based study.